Universal milling and drilling system UFS in special execution

Universal milling and drilling system UFS-P in cross-bed design

With a milling head that swivels automatically on two levels.


The special advantage of this machine is the additional possibility of a transverse 1250 mm shift of the V-axis to serve as an additional NC-axis. This extends the standard transverse path of the 800 mm headstock, which is particularly helpful when long drilling bars are used.

Standard version:
  • Horizontal/vertical milling head with additional rotary axis, which can be swiveled and rotated automatically over the control unit
  • 3-phase drive, servo
  • Work-area housing, electrically interlocked
  • Flat guides (beam guides) in all axes, hardened and ground steel with the opposite side coated in plastic
  • Telescoping covers on all guides
  • Automatic tool clamping for tool according to DIN 69871/72
  • Tool-holding fixtures ISO 50 according to DIN 2079
  • Main drive 25 kW at 40% ED
  • CNC-path control: Heidenhain/Siemens
  • Chip conveyor (joint hinge)
  • Hour meter
  • Swiveling Control panel
Technical Data:
Machine table/Option
Mounting area 2000-4000 x 1000 mm
Bed height 980 mm
Number of T-slots 7
Groove width according to DIN 650 22 mm
Centre distance 150 mm
Table load (maximum) 4000-6000 kg
Adjustment range/option
Longitudinal axis 1500 mm
Optional longitudinal axis upon request (additional charge) 2000, 3000, 4000 mm
Transverse axis: Y II 800/1250 mm
Vertical axes 1100 mm
Main drive 3-phase motor, servo
Power 25 kW
Torque maximum 1040 Nm
Key rpm 180 min-1<
Tool-holding fixtures ISO 50, according to DIN 2079
for tools DIN 69871/72
Spindle diameter in front bearing 100 mm
Speed range: Continuously variable
programmable S-analog 35-4000 min-1
Gear shifts, automatically operated in steps 2
Feed drives 3-phase motors, servo
Feed range (longitudinal, transverse, vertical) 1-5000 mm/min
Feed force in all axes 12000 N
Rapid transverse/Option
(longitudinal, transverse, vertical) 10000/15000 mm/min
Tool changer: Chain magazine/option
Number of magazine places with variable place coding (upon request, additional charge) 30(60)
Maximum tool diameter 140 mm
Maximum tool weight 15 kg
Maximum tool length 300 mm
Throat/option with machines with
Horizontal milling spindle, middle of spindle to top edge of machine table 380-1480 mm
HV- und HVD-milling head, middle of the spindle to lower edge of vertical spindle to top edge of machine table 145-1245 mm
Connection rating, dimensions and weight
Space equipment-related
Total weight equipment-related
Total connection rating 42 kVA