Milling and drilling machine UFB 800/1000 - machining center

Universal milling and drilling machine in plano-milling type UFB 800/1000 - machining center

Like all other models of the UFB Series, the UFB 800/1000 was specially designed to meet the high standards of application in the tool, die and mold making and production sector. The plano-milling type is an essential ingredient. Technology is state-of-the art. For example:

  • High dynamic digital drives
  • Overload clutches in all axes
  • Hardened steel flat guides in connection with linear roller bearings
  • Linear position measuring system (graded glass rulers)
  • Preloaded ball screws without clearance

Guaranteed high availability of the machine

Technical Data:
Table NC table (four-axis)
Mounting area Ø 900 x 630 mm
Table height with floor 900 mm
Number of T-slots 9
Groove width according to DIN 650 14H7 mm
Centre distance 63 mm
Table load max. 1000 kg
Adjustment range / option
X axis 800/1000 mm
Y axis 630 mm
Z axis 630 mm
Main drive
3-phase, servo 18,5 kW
Rated speed 200 min-1
Torque, max. 880 Nm
Tool-holding fixtures according to DIN 2079
With automatic, hydraulic tool clamping for tools according to DIN 69 871/72 ISO 40
Spindle diameter in front bearing 70 mm
Feed drives
3-phase-servo drive, single drive, continuously variable
Feed range longitudinal, transverse, vertical 1-4000 mm/min
Feed force 12000 N
Rapid transverse
longitudinal, transverse, vertical 10000 mm/min
Speed range/option, continuously variable
Continuously variable 25-5000 min -1
Automatically operated in 2 steps
Middle of horizontal spindle to table surface 100-730 mm
Lower edge of vertical spindle to table surface 100-730 mm
Position measuring system
for all 4 axes direct
Resolution (x, y, z) 0,001 mm
Resolution (fourth axis) 0,001 Degree
CNC control Siemens, Heidenhain
Cooling-agent equipment
Content 400 l
Internal cooling-agent supply (option) 25 l/min at 25 bar
Tool changer
Number of tools 40 (60)
Max. tool diameter/-length 110/250 mm
Connection rating and weight
Total connection rating 36 kVA
Total weight Approx. 10000 kg