Plano-milling machine BS

Plano-milling machine BS: Horizontal - vertical - combined

Main features:

  • High static and dynamic rigidity
  • Low-friction guides with minimal surface pressure and high damping
  • High-performance milling spindles seated in preloaded high-precision ball bearings for high running accuracy and temperature stability in all speed steps
  • Gear wheels hardened, ground and oblique-toothed, angle drive in vertical milling head palloid-toothed

Standard-version of all plano-milling machines in the BS Series:

  • Two milling spindles (BSK model)
  • ISO 50 tool-holding fixtures
  • Hydraulic tool clamping
  • Hydraulic clamping of all 3 axes
  • Ball circuit spindles in all axes
  • Down-milling in all axes
  • Automatic impulse lubrication
  • 3-phase: Main drive, servo, 22 kW
  • 3-phase feed drives; Single-drive servo
  • Guideways in all axes hardened and ground
  • Plastic-coated counter-guides
  • Telescopic sheet-metal cover on middle guideway
  • Swiveling control panel
  • Partial housing over work area
Technical Data:
Table (x and y axes)
Mounting area 1800 x 500
(2000 x 500) mm
Number of T-slots (DIN 650) 5
Width and center distance 18 / 100 mm
Table load maximum 2000 kg
Traverse path
longitudinal (x-axis) automatic 1400 (1600) mm
vertical (y-axis) automatic 630 mm
transverse (z-axis) automatic 500 mm
Milling spindle
Tool-holding fixtures: DIN 2079 ISO 50
Spindle diameter in front bearing horizontal/vertical 100 mm
Speed range, continuously variable, programmable, S-analog 35 - 3550 min-1
Gear shifts, automatically operated 2
Max. torque horizontal/vertical 1040 Nm
3-phase-main drive, variable 22 kVA
Feeds (x, y and z axes)
With 3-phase servo motor (single operation) in connection with ball screws
Feed range, fine-tunable longitudinal (x), transverse (y) and vertical (z) 1-2000 mm/min
Feed force in all axes 15000 N
Rapid traverses longitudinal (x), transverse (y) und vertical (z) 7000 mm/min
Throat, dimensions and weight
Middle of the horizontal milling spindle to table surface (models BSH/BSK) 45-545 mm
Middle of the horizontal milling spindle to lower-edge counter-support models BSH/BSK 160 mm
Lower edge of vertical milling spindle to table surface (models BSV/BSK) 100-600 mm
Length 4220 mm
Width 2900 mm
Height 2350 mm
Machine weight (incl. control cabinets) Approx. 5500 kg
Total connection rating 32 kVA