Heavy-Duty, Hydraulic Traversing, High-Speed Shaping Machines

Heavy-Duty, Hydraulic Traversing, High-Speed Shaping Machines   TH 1000/4/1-3D for the machining and refurbishment of copper mold plate for continuous casters with a maximum plate size of 800 mm x 3000 mm.

Machine bed:

  • with a floor-area requirement of 1125 mm x 4020 mm
  • for a shaping width of 3000 mm

Ram sliding frame:

  • Complete with ram and stroke adjustment equipment
  • Hydraulic drive with an infinitely variable axial-flow piston pump for adjustment of ram speed, plus a control unit and cylinder
  • Automatic cross-feed motion in two ranges for fine-feed and wide finishing machining
  • Rapid speed adjustment
  • Hydraulic chisel lifing unit

Electrical equipment:

  • for 400 V, 50 Hz
  • MP in accordance with VDE regulations, completely installed and consisting of:
  • Control cabinet,
  • Swiveling control panel with all necessary operating controls,

Three-dimensional profiling unit:

  • Digital profiling unit made KLOPP
  • Profiling head with slate and chisel flap
  • Profiling stroke of 150 mm
  • Profiling feeler with swiveling holding arm with coarse adjustment andcross-carriage for fine adjustment
  • Completely installed with all power and control lines necessary for operation
  • Template holder for attachment of 2 profiling platesto holding device on ram saddle

2 clamping tables with supports:

  • In order to fasten the work pieces or fixtures
  • Surface size of the clamping table: 1000 mm x 520 mm
  • 3 T-grooves 24 DIN 650
  • With a center distance of 145 mm
Technical Data:
Ram stroke Approx. 1030 mm
Average work speed in 2 stages 6 - 30 m/min
Traverse feed 0,25 - 2 mm/stroke
in steps of 0,25 mm
Rapid traverse 1400 mm/min
Total weight Approx. 10500 kg